Friday, August 15, 2008

Hi Dad

So last night my dad calls me on my cell phone and I'm at Target, I answer the phone and the very loud background noise wherever he is on top of the noise at Target makes him almost impossible to understand. Now with anyone else this wouldn't be as much an issue however my dad does not like to repeat himself and therefore does not like the word "What", and seeing as the first thing he did was get on my case for not answering my phone for the last three days (because I was at work) I had a feeling that it wouldn't be a good time to suggest talking to him later when we could both hear. So I attempt what ended up being a very loud conversation while perusing the school supplies at Target.
All in all I probably spent about twenty minutes trying to have a conversation (that the entirety of Target could hear) and of that probably comprehend about four minutes in total.
Eventually when I did get frustrated enough at having to yell so he could hear me and not being able to understand him anyway I finally ask him where he was and his answer (once I could understand it and after using the forbidden "What?" and guessing at several not so similarly named locations), I establish he was at LoneStar with my mother having dinner. So ultimately he had taken my mom out to dinner, which rarely happens, then chooses that time to call me. The reason he tells me that he had been trying to contact me was to find out the best way to cut plexi-glass,which he has found the solution to, and also to tell me that Home Depot had something on sale that I never could figure out what is was but it apparently it was an amazing deal but it wouldn't fit in his Tahoe and either he wanted to get or that I possibly wanted it I'm still not sure which.
I really do love you Dad.