Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jellyfish Hotdog

It's been over a year since I have posted to this blog. It's been a busy year and there were probably plenty of things I could have posted ... but I didn't.

In the time I have not posted I have managed to grow another human being. We are just days away from seeing the results of this effort. The first seven or so months went by fast, but this month is at a stand still. I am on bed rest, and that is probably why I am taking the time to post now.
To get to this point we had to go through IVF. The process of going through infertility treatment was an interesting and humbling process. I have taken off my pants for more people in the last 11 months then I could have ever imagined ...especially considering that I was paying them. The process to get pregnant was fast though; we went to Shady Grove Fertility in February and were pregnant by April. By May we "graduated" to an OB and I had a whole new audience to take my pants off for.
My pregnancy has been easy. I had no morning sickness and never even really felt nauseous. For the most part, until I got huge I didn't even really feel pregnant. Right now though at almost 10 months I am huge and uncomfortable. I still don't feel that bad, but my blood pressure has decided it's not going to cooperate and the baby has decided that she is not coming out.
We are excited and ready for her to be here. Her room is set up, and all her cute little baby things are taunting us while we wait. Our due date is 5 days away, but I won't complain if she shows up sooner. We are excited to see what our little jellyfish hotdog looks like.