Friday, February 24, 2012

It's been a loooong week!

1. We have spent all week but we have everything set to make all of our pets happier!

2. I don't know if it is just my mood today or what but I am really aggravated by people being mean to other people.

3. This is probably what triggered my last comment. Today I saw an article about Daniel von Bargen and his failed attempted suicide. TMZ actually posted the audio. This man is already at a low point and now his misery is being displayed as entertainment. This disgusts me.

4. On a happier note we have a new addition to our family. Paul and I have had bearded dragons in the past and really like them...last Saturday we got a new bearded dragon that is really pretty. We named her Kimchi!

5. I think inanimate objects in our house are mad at us. My husband was installing a baby gate and the door swung open and busted him in the nose. I got punched in the mouth by my headphones. Not feeling very fung shui.

6. So now that the gate is installed Nugget can run around free and she has actually been very well behaved. So far when I ask her not to mess with something she has stopped.

7. This has been a very long week, but during a conference it was nice to hear that people were impressed with my mad data entry skills.

8. Paul and I have shows we like watching together, so when he is working I try to watch shows that I don't think he would want to watch. I am now hooked on Grey's Anatomy.

9. I think it is adorable that Mandie knows what a microphone is and will sing into it.

10. My sister and I were messaging each other on FB the other night and I was trying to type that Mandie had sleep farts but typed sleep fats and my sister thought maybe it was a new pajama brand! I lol'd.

Here is a pic of Mandie looking steam punk!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I almost forgot to post today!

1. I am so proud of my dog ...we had kept her confined because when we had 2 dogs they kept getting in trouble but now we only have one and we forgot to put her gate up and went out for the day and she didn't destroy anything! Now she gets to be free all of the time.

2. I am drinking a Kahlua Mudslide right now and it is the second drink I've had in over 2 years. (I didn't drink because of the Nugget.)

3. I am super excited because tomorrow I'm picking up a real slot machine that came from Atlantic City! You never turn down a free slot machine! (Especially if you're Asian.)

4. My husband slacked and didn't do anything for Valentine's day so he has been making up for it by putting a gift at my desk each morning so that when I come down to go to work I have a surprise. (I hope this goes on the whole year!)

5. I think if people heard some of the conversations my sister and I have they would commit us.

6. I found a picture of baby platipi wearing fedoras and I sent the link to my husband who called me silly. I responded by explaining that I was not silly because I was not the one who put the baby platipi in hats I was merely admiring them.

7. I think Wil Wheaton is very funny and seems like a nice person.

8. I pre-ordered the Bloggess book in hardback and audio because I think it will be funny to hear her read it.

9. I didn't know why "See you next Tuesday" was so funny until I Googled it...then I LOL'd

10. This week Big Mandy came over and I forced Little Mandie into her arms and got the first picture of the two of them together! It's not a great picture but considering Big Mandy has a baby phobia it went well.

laoaierowhanndklsnzodfjwes,,,;... <---Those are to fill in any letters or punctuation that I may be missing in this post. You can add them where you see fit.

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's Friday ...and though this week didn't seem to drag on really did.

1 - nung - I bought a girly shirt this week. I generally don't dress very girly but because I work at home now and I am in pajamas most of the week I feel like if I do go somewhere I should try a little.

2 - soong - We went to the mall this week and found nothing we wanted to buy either we have really adapted to our budget OR we're old and nothing appeals to us. Either way that is money saved.

3 - saam - I am excited about a Valentines project I want to make.

4 - sii - I have not been playing my ukulele probably misses me.

5 - haa - Paul, Mandie and I all need new shoes...I love shoes but I haven't found many that I like lately. (Also for Mandie - they carry sneakers for boy's year round but we tried to get her shoes and they said that the girl's sneakers were out of stock because it was time for sandles to come in - that is some crap.)

6 - hok - I'm trying to be more positive in my interactions with people.

7 - jet - I like getting free t-shirts. One came in the mail today from Northwest Federal Credit Union....I don't even bank with them. :)

8 - bat - Two weeks ago I accidentally dropped the tv remote on Mandie while she was sleeping and she cried. She didn't cry more than 20 seconds and fell right back to sleep, but I still felt guilty.

9 - gaao - It has been two years since Paul and I have smoked.

10 - sip - I cut the super long tuft of hair Mandie had last Saturday ...I was sad cutting it. She still looks super cute though.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hucha Hucha Hucha ...Lobster!

Conversation that just happened...

I'm eating grapes doing my work...

Me: I almost choked on that grape.

Paul: Lobster.

Me: What?

Paul: Like lobster.

Me: I didn't know that lobsters choked on grapes.

Paul: No, people choke on lobster. You almost choked on the grape, like people choke on lobster.

Me: ....

Eddie Izzard makes all of this make sense.

Friday, February 3, 2012

4 Mintues

I have 4 minutes to have this done on Friday....

1. I need to write things down during the week for this post on Friday. I think of things and always assume I will remember them but never do.

2. I was worried the person I stole this idea from was upset that I stole her idea but she left a comment on my blog last week so I'm assuming things are okay.

3. I might be taking Mandie to meet her paternal Grandmother this week. Paul has not spoken to his mother in 4 years and has no intention to, but I feel like she deserves a chance to meet her granddaughter. I'm nervous.

___* It is now after midnight so this didn't get done on Friday...but unlike my friend I don't have a witty Friday name for my post so I guess it is okay.

4. I have a thing for grab bags and similar things...not knowing what is in there really makes me want to have it so I can see what is in there.

5. I did several crafts this week and I am really proud of how they turned out. I also cooked several new meals that turned out really good.

6. For the first time in several years we are getting money back from our taxes. YAY!

7. I am feeling very ambitious about doing some things to make our house nicer. I'm just hoping I remain motivated and actually do things.

8. I am REALLY looking forward to starting our gardens this year. Last year though it was probably not impressive to anyone else, we had the best garden we have ever this year I want to do more.

9. I recently started using Pintrest and I love it because it motivates me to do things.

10. I use military time. I have since I joined the fire dept in high school ..I just feel like it's more logical.

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