Sunday, July 27, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a tomboy, my mom hoped and prayed that I would outgrow it and be more feminine but it never happened. Now that is not to say that every now and then I don't get the urge to put on make-up or do my hair but every time I follow through with that urge I remember once again the reasons I am at 29 a tomboy.

1. It is way more comfortable to wear clothing that is not so tight that even getting a penny into your pocket is a struggle.

2. I can sleep at least an extra half hour before work.

3. No one expects to see me dressed up so no one is disappointed by my appearance when I wear a t-shirt that is too big and cargo shorts.

4. I can sleep at least an extra half hour before work.

5. I don't have to carry a purse filled with cosmetics to maintain my appearance. (So when I do bother to carry a purse I can put important stuff in it like a rubber band, 3 quarters and a nickle, the ball from a mouse, 7 Dave and Busters tickets, my ipod and cell phone, a book, a travel water color kit, my camera, etc.)

6. If I find the need to do something slightly but not overly athletic I am dressed appropriately.

7. I can sleep in at least an extra half hour before work.

and I'm sure there are many more reasons but tonight I was reminded of one of the major reasons I do not get girlie very often...

I bought a flat iron for my hair and it is supposed to work with your hair wet or dry...I read the directions and after my shower I set off to make my hair straight. It was a little awkward getting started but soon I was impressed with myself for my ability to use this high tech piece of girlifying equipment ...that was until a steaming hot droplet of water lept from my flat iron and propelled itself onto my bare should where it scalded my tender flesh.

Too many aspects of trying to be feminine require pain and therefore make it simply not worth it to me. I would rather be comfortable and not the hotest girl than to be the hottie that has to wake up early just to torture herself to look like someone who isn't her. For the most part I'm okay looking like me and if some guy isn't happy with that then fuck'm he can try curling his eye lashes with this....

and how hot does she look while she's doing this ....

Yeah just not worth it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fuck it I'm just going to ramble

...that's what blogs are for anyhow isn't it.

I think everyone should watch "Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show" and "Retarded Policeman" at Mediocre Films it is so worth your time.

Not much has been going on or maybe I'm just feeling so ambiguous that nothing has seemed very important's always hard to tell.

On a random note I will say that driving to and from work Paul and I see more people picking their nose in their car than anyone needs to. Yes it is your space but it is surrounded by windows and just as you can see out...we can see in. If you have your finger knuckle deep in your nose while your driving other people in the cars around you are experiencing it with you. (The same goes for if your rocking it out to STIX and playing air guitar or drums at the red lights.)

Our new dog has a name now, we named her Sammich and we call her Sam. Right now Charlie and Sam are sleeping peacefully so that when Paul comes home they can drive him crazy. I think I will do the same. Goodnight.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been through the desert with a dog with no name...

We have an awesome dog named Charlie, we got her three years ago as a puppy after I convinced my cat crazy husband that we needed (or I needed) a dog.
Charlie has an awesome since of humor, ------------------>
and is all around cute. However seeing as she is litter box trained, has three cat siblings and very little exposure to other dogs she does have some identity issues and doesn't really know she is a dog.
To fix her identity issue we got Charlie a dog of her own......

And as silly as it sounds it worked....Charlie is acting like a dog and now we have a new dog with no name.

I had written a lot more but deleted it because I am warm and grumpy. As of this post our AC has broken and until we ran out,just before Target closes, and purchased a portable AC unit it was a balmy 88° in our bedroom. The poor dog with no name thinks it has moved to the desert and the dog with no fur is finally able to sleep without going under the blanket.