Friday, April 13, 2012


1. I am incredibly exhausted this week.

2. This adorable child is wearing me out.

3. We can't find a swim suit that fits her. We have been through three so far, the third one was so small we didn't even take a picture.

4. She has been super fussy this week for various reasons.

5. She has also been super clingy and lovey which is sweet, and that balances the fussy enough that we can't stay mad.

6. We had this Easter egg that made us feel guilty about eating it.

7. Mandie got super good at Easter egg hunts.

8. We signed Mandie up for swim class and we are super excited. They acted as if it were strange that Paul and I both wanted to attend with her.

9. Tomorrow the quest continues for Mandie's bathing suit. I managed to get a bathing suit for myself that I feel okay about even though it is not the equivalent of a swim parka.

10. I am on vacation started tonight and I don't go back until Friday! YAY!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mandie is in trouble

1. Mandie is in time out right now and got a pop on the thigh for going out in the street after being warned not to do it. (I was right there with her but it is a lesson she needs to learn.)

2. I have not been sticking to eating healthy like I should, but I also have not put on any weight so that is a plus.

3. Speaking of eating healthy...I should have gotten Cold Stone instead of Starbucks today.

4. I had a sewing fail today ...luckily the fabric can still be used, so it isn't a complete waste.

5. I finally scanned in the pic of Mandie with the Easter Bunny.

6. I had a comment here about an elephant at the circus pooping, but the comment was not nearly as amusing without being there, so I deleted it.

7. I don't agree with elephants and tigers being in the circus ..but I wanted Mandie to get a chance to experience the Ringling circus. Her amazement was worth it. It was Mandie and Paul's first time at the circus.

8. I took Mandie to the library today but didn't want her to touch anything because of how germ ridden everything in there appears.

9. We are going on Monday to sign Mandie up for swim lessons. We are very excited.

10. We did make it to the kite festival last Saturday. This is the most amazing picture ever!