Thursday, March 7, 2013

Science is Real!

So we did an amazing science project on Tuesday which is "School Day" for us.  This project was simple to set up, simple to clean up, and AMAZINGLY fun to do.

If you enjoyed the baking soda volcano of your elementary school days, then this project is definitely for you. 


Dropper bottles or some other type of liquid transport device
Food coloring
Baking Soda
Baking pan

 Put the baking soda in the pan and use the liquid transport devices of choice to mix vinegar w/food coloring.  It doesn't take much food coloring, and the less you use the less likely you are to have an Easter colored child at the end of the project.  You should be able to easily tell what color each bottle is.

Unsure of how messy this was going to be I dressed my child sparsely, and put a kiddie placemat under the pan.  Then I let her loose with the bottles of color. 

Nothing better than lots of colors and fizzing!  As the colors got low we mixed them and had a bottle of green, and a bottle of purple.  This was so much fun and was so easy.  I think we all gave it 5 stars, because even Dad the photographer jumped in a few times to play.

We also discussed with her that this was part of science.  How we were causing a chemical reaction that went FIZZ FIZZ FIZZ.  I don't think that part mattered to her much, but she enjoyed saying fizz, fizz, fizz.

I will say that the bottles I chose were hard for her to squeeze.  It prevented her from spraying it everywhere, but she also got a little flustered at times.

This project was all over the internet, but I stole it from HERE.
This woman is way more open to mess then I think I am - but I appreciate seeing her toddler projects and how honest her posts are.  Good or bad they are there with an honest opinion on how she felt it went. 

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