Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I didn't throw up!

So today they measured my uterus ..they call it a mock embryo transfer but I'm not sure which is really more accurate.  Last time when I had this done was the only time that I really remember any of this process being painful.  What looked like a 12 year old boy did the procedure and and what was advertised as painless almost made me pass out or throw up or both.  The part where he said "This might cause a little cramping" caused nothing and then out of nowhere there was blinding pain and effort to not puke on his head.

So last night I decided to panic about having the procedure.  Then I go on the internet which is always a bad idea because you can easily convince yourself you are going to die.  So by the time I get into the office today I basically begin rambling as I try to explain to the nurse that I think I almost died the previous time.

The doctor comes in and says he will be careful and I continue to try to justify my fears aloud to him as I lay back on the table.

All said and done it took 5 seconds and didn't hurt at all.  Apparently, unlike the rest of me, my uterus is small.  This doesn't cause a problem but he said if the other guy went in blindly, which is probably a bad phrase in this case, that he could have hit the top of my uterus which apparently makes you think you will die.

I didn't die and I didn't throw up, all in all a good day!

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