Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been through the desert with a dog with no name...

We have an awesome dog named Charlie, we got her three years ago as a puppy after I convinced my cat crazy husband that we needed (or I needed) a dog.
Charlie has an awesome since of humor, ------------------>
and is all around cute. However seeing as she is litter box trained, has three cat siblings and very little exposure to other dogs she does have some identity issues and doesn't really know she is a dog.
To fix her identity issue we got Charlie a dog of her own......

And as silly as it sounds it worked....Charlie is acting like a dog and now we have a new dog with no name.

I had written a lot more but deleted it because I am warm and grumpy. As of this post our AC has broken and until we ran out,just before Target closes, and purchased a portable AC unit it was a balmy 88° in our bedroom. The poor dog with no name thinks it has moved to the desert and the dog with no fur is finally able to sleep without going under the blanket.

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