Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fuck it I'm just going to ramble

...that's what blogs are for anyhow isn't it.

I think everyone should watch "Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show" and "Retarded Policeman" at Mediocre Films it is so worth your time.

Not much has been going on or maybe I'm just feeling so ambiguous that nothing has seemed very important's always hard to tell.

On a random note I will say that driving to and from work Paul and I see more people picking their nose in their car than anyone needs to. Yes it is your space but it is surrounded by windows and just as you can see out...we can see in. If you have your finger knuckle deep in your nose while your driving other people in the cars around you are experiencing it with you. (The same goes for if your rocking it out to STIX and playing air guitar or drums at the red lights.)

Our new dog has a name now, we named her Sammich and we call her Sam. Right now Charlie and Sam are sleeping peacefully so that when Paul comes home they can drive him crazy. I think I will do the same. Goodnight.

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