Friday, January 27, 2012


10 things about me ...

1. I bought a Smash book this week ...I'm excited about putting things in it.
Smash Book

2. I want a pet jelly fish.

3. I was very spontaneous as a child and now I am very much a "Type A" person.

4. In 1994 I asked for and got Stone Temple Pilots Purple on cassette for Christmas.

5. A few weeks ago Paul snuck a pack of Papermate Flair felt tip markers in 16 different colors in our stuff at Target then surprised me when we got home. Yay colors!

6. I feel guilty that I let Mandie watch so much T.V.

7. I have a new obsession with repurposing t- shirts.

8. I am super worried about my Dad's trip to Thailand. With him not being in very good health I worry that he won't make it back home. He needs this trip though.

9. I have been practicing my math skills on Khan Academy that site is amazing.

10. I am very competitive.

I did shave my dog last week.

1 comment:

Catrina said...

I *love* that Smash Book idea! I'd just make one myself, except that I think the glue stick/pen combo is awesome.

I am also super competitive--which is why I don't play poker with friends or go to casinos. I'm a sore loser :)