Friday, February 3, 2012

4 Mintues

I have 4 minutes to have this done on Friday....

1. I need to write things down during the week for this post on Friday. I think of things and always assume I will remember them but never do.

2. I was worried the person I stole this idea from was upset that I stole her idea but she left a comment on my blog last week so I'm assuming things are okay.

3. I might be taking Mandie to meet her paternal Grandmother this week. Paul has not spoken to his mother in 4 years and has no intention to, but I feel like she deserves a chance to meet her granddaughter. I'm nervous.

___* It is now after midnight so this didn't get done on Friday...but unlike my friend I don't have a witty Friday name for my post so I guess it is okay.

4. I have a thing for grab bags and similar things...not knowing what is in there really makes me want to have it so I can see what is in there.

5. I did several crafts this week and I am really proud of how they turned out. I also cooked several new meals that turned out really good.

6. For the first time in several years we are getting money back from our taxes. YAY!

7. I am feeling very ambitious about doing some things to make our house nicer. I'm just hoping I remain motivated and actually do things.

8. I am REALLY looking forward to starting our gardens this year. Last year though it was probably not impressive to anyone else, we had the best garden we have ever this year I want to do more.

9. I recently started using Pintrest and I love it because it motivates me to do things.

10. I use military time. I have since I joined the fire dept in high school ..I just feel like it's more logical.

__Finished @ 00:11hrs

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Catrina said...

1. I have the same problem--I think of the best things to say at random times during the week, but can never remember them when it's time to write my post!

2. I stole it from someone else anyway :)

5. Super cute!