Friday, February 15, 2013

Colors Project - Yellow!

I decided to do some color projects with Mandie.  When I yelled out to the living room to ask her what color she wanted to do, she responded with a bold and clear "Lello!".  So I prepped to do yellow.

I started by cutting out all kinds of pictures from magazines - any picture I could find that was primarily one color I went ahead and cut it out.  Then I gathered up 5 or 6 pom poms in different colors, and a few different foam shapes.   I have a love hate relationship with the bucket of pre-sticky foam letters.  I can never find the letter and or color that I need.  2 hours later I have finally found all of the letters to spell yellow in yellow.

Without sticking them on I traced the letters then brought everything and some glue over to the craft table.

Mandie, with her listening ears on, came over and started by placing each of the letters into the right spot.  (She is good at this because of the Endless ABC's app. which is great for teaching letters and letter sounds.) Then she had to go through the magazine clippings and pick out all the yellow pictures.  (There were about 12 clippings and 3 were yellow.)   The same with the foam shapes and the pom poms - there were a few colors and she had to pick the yellow from that group.  As she picked each out she got to glue or stick them down.

Here is the final product...

She is very proud of her yellow page and I am looking forward to doing more colors.  The project is easy to set up, and fits right in with her attention span.  A follow up project I would like to do this spring is to take a walk and have her point out items that are different colors.  We'll bring her camera and she can take pictures of them - then we will do a collage. 

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