Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 1 - Cooking!

So as I stated in a post last week, we are starting a new thing with themed days this week.  Today was the first day, and Monday has been declared cooking day!  To introduce her to it, I put a chart up that shows two weeks and a simple image that shows what we are doing each day.  I went through each one describing what we would do, then I asked her what we are doing today and she looked, gave me a big smile and said "Cooking!".   She then went with her Dad to help make breakfast.  She also helped make English muffin pizza's for lunch.  (I forgot to take pictures - but there was a tiny apron involved.)   While it was cooking, she painted a picture of Curious George eating ice cream.

Then way later than I had meant to do it, we made a little pretend pizza out of cardboard and self stick foam.

I pre cut the pieces and put them into prep bowls.  The crust was just a scrap piece of cardboard, and the red marker was for the sauce.

Mandie was more than ready to get started.

We counted pieces as we stuck them down.

All done!
Nom Nom!

So at the end of the day I took her back to the chart and had her cross off the the cooking symbol under Monday.  I asked her what we were doing tomorrow and she exclaimed "COOKING!" ...so either she doesn't get it yet, or she really enjoyed today. 

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