Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Mandie has gotten very into planning and scheduling.  It actually helps get her to go to sleep faster.  Every night after I tuck her in I tell her, "You are going to sleep in your bed, I am going to sleep in my bed, because tomorrow we are going to do _____."

Really Mandie is just like most kids and likes routine.  She likes having an idea of how/when things are going to happen.  Taking her lead I have decided to start small and give each day a theme, with a goal of doing at least one big activity based on that theme.  (I hope to do more than one thing each day, but I am admittedly easily distracted.)

So here is our chart for the first two weeks..
Cooking, school type learning, swim, crafts and sports

 Now if I was the Mom that I am in my head,  Monday would go something like this.....

She would help a little with breakfast - maybe stir her eggs or something.

At some point after breakfast we would have a pretend meal that she would prepare in her toy wok.

Then in the afternoon we would make pizzas out of construction paper, including little paper mushrooms and pepperoni - the works!

 At dinner time she would completely help with making 3 or so mini pizzas with different toppings.  Some with new things that she hasn't really tried - and of course her favorite pepperoni and cheese.

What I know will happen is the pizza making.  At least one pizza.

Let's hope that I can make at least some of the other stuff happen....and I'm hoping to get through the entire week. 

Well I'll post what the outcome is next week...I'm really hoping that this will be a good plan.

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