Friday, February 24, 2012

It's been a loooong week!

1. We have spent all week but we have everything set to make all of our pets happier!

2. I don't know if it is just my mood today or what but I am really aggravated by people being mean to other people.

3. This is probably what triggered my last comment. Today I saw an article about Daniel von Bargen and his failed attempted suicide. TMZ actually posted the audio. This man is already at a low point and now his misery is being displayed as entertainment. This disgusts me.

4. On a happier note we have a new addition to our family. Paul and I have had bearded dragons in the past and really like them...last Saturday we got a new bearded dragon that is really pretty. We named her Kimchi!

5. I think inanimate objects in our house are mad at us. My husband was installing a baby gate and the door swung open and busted him in the nose. I got punched in the mouth by my headphones. Not feeling very fung shui.

6. So now that the gate is installed Nugget can run around free and she has actually been very well behaved. So far when I ask her not to mess with something she has stopped.

7. This has been a very long week, but during a conference it was nice to hear that people were impressed with my mad data entry skills.

8. Paul and I have shows we like watching together, so when he is working I try to watch shows that I don't think he would want to watch. I am now hooked on Grey's Anatomy.

9. I think it is adorable that Mandie knows what a microphone is and will sing into it.

10. My sister and I were messaging each other on FB the other night and I was trying to type that Mandie had sleep farts but typed sleep fats and my sister thought maybe it was a new pajama brand! I lol'd.

Here is a pic of Mandie looking steam punk!

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