Friday, February 10, 2012


It's Friday ...and though this week didn't seem to drag on really did.

1 - nung - I bought a girly shirt this week. I generally don't dress very girly but because I work at home now and I am in pajamas most of the week I feel like if I do go somewhere I should try a little.

2 - soong - We went to the mall this week and found nothing we wanted to buy either we have really adapted to our budget OR we're old and nothing appeals to us. Either way that is money saved.

3 - saam - I am excited about a Valentines project I want to make.

4 - sii - I have not been playing my ukulele probably misses me.

5 - haa - Paul, Mandie and I all need new shoes...I love shoes but I haven't found many that I like lately. (Also for Mandie - they carry sneakers for boy's year round but we tried to get her shoes and they said that the girl's sneakers were out of stock because it was time for sandles to come in - that is some crap.)

6 - hok - I'm trying to be more positive in my interactions with people.

7 - jet - I like getting free t-shirts. One came in the mail today from Northwest Federal Credit Union....I don't even bank with them. :)

8 - bat - Two weeks ago I accidentally dropped the tv remote on Mandie while she was sleeping and she cried. She didn't cry more than 20 seconds and fell right back to sleep, but I still felt guilty.

9 - gaao - It has been two years since Paul and I have smoked.

10 - sip - I cut the super long tuft of hair Mandie had last Saturday ...I was sad cutting it. She still looks super cute though.


Catrina said...

You've pretty much exhausted my Thai vocabulary (food terms notwithstanding) in this one post :)

Chevitanondr said...

If you want to learn more Rosetta Stone rocks ...I've been on lesson 1 for the last decade or so but I still know more than I did. The program is great I just haven't been consistent.