Friday, February 17, 2012

I almost forgot to post today!

1. I am so proud of my dog ...we had kept her confined because when we had 2 dogs they kept getting in trouble but now we only have one and we forgot to put her gate up and went out for the day and she didn't destroy anything! Now she gets to be free all of the time.

2. I am drinking a Kahlua Mudslide right now and it is the second drink I've had in over 2 years. (I didn't drink because of the Nugget.)

3. I am super excited because tomorrow I'm picking up a real slot machine that came from Atlantic City! You never turn down a free slot machine! (Especially if you're Asian.)

4. My husband slacked and didn't do anything for Valentine's day so he has been making up for it by putting a gift at my desk each morning so that when I come down to go to work I have a surprise. (I hope this goes on the whole year!)

5. I think if people heard some of the conversations my sister and I have they would commit us.

6. I found a picture of baby platipi wearing fedoras and I sent the link to my husband who called me silly. I responded by explaining that I was not silly because I was not the one who put the baby platipi in hats I was merely admiring them.

7. I think Wil Wheaton is very funny and seems like a nice person.

8. I pre-ordered the Bloggess book in hardback and audio because I think it will be funny to hear her read it.

9. I didn't know why "See you next Tuesday" was so funny until I Googled it...then I LOL'd

10. This week Big Mandy came over and I forced Little Mandie into her arms and got the first picture of the two of them together! It's not a great picture but considering Big Mandy has a baby phobia it went well.

laoaierowhanndklsnzodfjwes,,,;... <---Those are to fill in any letters or punctuation that I may be missing in this post. You can add them where you see fit.

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