Friday, March 2, 2012


1. I joined Weight Watchers and I do not like their new plan...but that is a whole blog in itself. (I did find a resolution.)

2. Mandie has been all kinds of fussy this week...she seems to do this every few months when she is going through a big developmental change.

3. Between Mandie being fussy and me being hungry before I got my Weight Watchers fixed, I'm surprised that everyone in my house survived this week.

4. Seeing as I am on Weight Watchers I am obviously not a small person, and yet I somehow manage to sleep on 3 inches of bed each night after Mandie takes over.

5. The other day Mandie decided she wanted to get creative with her outfit and brought to Paul what she wanted to put on.... and this is how that turned out <3

6. We might be hiring one of my former co-workers to work with me on data entry and I am excited.

7. I am going to take Mandie to hang out with 2 little girls who belong to a girl I grew up living next to. It's exciting and neat because now you don't really get to know your neighbors, and I've known this girl since before she was born.

8. I'm in Mandie's room as I'm writing this, because Paul is trying to put her to sleep in our room. She is going through a phase where she only wants me...which is very sweet but not very practical.

9. I was going to type something interesting here but wasn't sure who my audience was going to be.

10. I'm enjoying this little bit of quiet time to myself. :)

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