Friday, March 9, 2012

I've got lots to do this weekend...

1. I have made two different toddler bed rails this was much more difficult than I expected.

2. I lost 7.6lbs this week and I am really enjoying eating healthy. I also got a Nike Fuel Band and it motivates me to move more.

3. I am posting this now because I am excited about going downstairs and pimping out my sewing machine. I didn't want to get to involved and forget to post.
(Pictures will be posted!)

4. Now I'm wondering if I should have pimped my sewing machine out first so that I could post the pictures.

5. I need to call and check on my Dad.

6. I have major spring fever today. I went out and cleaned up all of our planting bins and was super excited to see baby leaf lettuce.

7. I'm in Mandie's room and I can hear Paul snoring from here. (Both bedroom doors are open.)

8. I made a peppermint lotion mix. Not only did it get repinned a ton, but my hands are soft and supple and smell minty fresh.

9. My Nugget did so well sleeping in her big girl bed last night.

10. Paul is making Quinoa salad and Tilapia for dinner...YUM.

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