Friday, March 23, 2012


1. I don't feel like posting today.

2. I have lots of crazy socks and some I haven't even worn so I'm looking for sock crafts.

3. I sometimes get frustrated because people (and my husband) assume that because I work from home I don't really work.

4. I think that I am going to ignore my diet tonight and drink a Kahlua Mudslide after the baby goes to bed.

5. I love when Mandie plays with silly hats on her own...even better is when she cracks herself up doing it.

6. We are super excited about the kite festival next week.

7. PARENT FAIL...We got Mandie a little bike and she was doing really well on it so I let go and she bonked her head.

8. Now she is scared of the bike but she is enjoying the helmet that I did not have on her when she fell.

9. I flashed the Easter Bunny.

10. I had some crazy dreams the other day that involved all kinds of people from my past...and needing to go on a helicopter to go fishing.

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